Before you go any further... close your eyes and say their names in a low, soft tone. Imagine yourself on the beach... their beauty shining in the sunlight. Ha! Wake up son! These is 2 of my (many) bess girlz! "We do CrossFit!" (lol! little C arms up!)

Their names sound so... BEAUTIFUL! and yes so are they... as you will see. What did you think I was gonna say about them? Hi, This is Cj and Caroline. They are my friends. NOPE! Meet Carolyn Jane-Elizabeth aka CJ and Caroline Gabrielle (roll the tongue when you say her name!) aka Little C. We took a mental day and went to St Augustine to have fun and laugh. We did handstands all over that town. Fun times!! Now... check it out :) Look for them in my EOB Galleries, Reflections and Jump albums too.