This album is a look into a week I shared with an awesome Youth Group and a week that strengthened my walk with God.

You can be a World Changer. Shining the light for those in danger. Sharing the love of the Lord and Savior. You can change the world. Go out and change the world!
Our Mission:  UnhinderedWorld Changers Mission Trip - Savannah, Ga June 2010They are so goofy but such great fun!My camera workers for the week :)North Peninsula Baptist Church Youth GroupThey were......super d duper...Excited!Thru Christian's eye...I often wonder how he sees the world. Here he sees Caleb.Silly GirlsMiss Haley's bug eyes...and crew in site :)Jon & Mike - Paperwork!Our first supper!All hands in!All signs now.Day 1. This was the house I worked at all week. I was a Crew Encourager.Michael...he was quite the comedian when he wasn't dehydrated.Breeaaakk! We were soooo HOT!Day 2!Sweet Brandon. He was the most well mannered young man I have met in a long time.