A tribute to Benjamin! Thanks for tagging along with me to get those A+ shots!

Ben traveled around with me when he could to get the perfect shot of God's awesomeness. When I had class assignments that I needed that perfect shot of something or if I needed the occasional model or extra set of eyes he was there! =) Thanks dude!

Benjamin can also be found in the following albums: Refelctions, NightShots, Adrenaline Rush, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer...and possibly others!

Here's to you!! Not to mention the fact that you drove, carried the camera bag or lenses (like a champ!) and water and junk! Some of these pictures might be shocking! LOL! NOT!! Ben being Ben!

Thanks for all of your help =) love ya broseph! (lol)
Ben...Ready, Set, GO!reflection!for some reason he likes to pretend he is...well you can figure it out! LOL!!!This looks like a political add.