When I went back to StyleMark in September of 2011 I started in a completely different area than I have worked before. I knew a few people but I quickly made new friends. One young lady and I hit it off and quickly became "attached at the hip."

Alisica Renee is 22, hard working, caring, loving and an all around great person and friend. She is a natural beauty with the most beautiful smile.

Aliscia like many young people didn't finish High School. But that didn't stop her. She began working right away. She "grew up!" After many tough years she worked hard to complete her High School diploma. Upon completion she wanted that real "Senior Photo" opportunity. So we set out one day to do just that.

Aliscia is a natural beauty. She works the camera and has a smile that just brightens any day. Not too many people have the pleasure of seeing her beautiful smile. One tough shell this one has. But I broke that free and here is a look at Aliscia on her Grandparents 10+ acres. A unique, country (redneck) setting where she and all of her family have spent many years together. We ventured to the "tracks" and to the beach for some added fun.

Aliscia Renee... I'm proud of you girl! Here's to you! <3
Her niece... eating watermelon...the real way :)Nothin' better than a girl in a dress with boots climbing a tree!!Girls' got attitude!!Freeee!look out! a spider!<3