This was my first trip to Cumberland Island, Georgia. I say first because I am going to go back. My mother, sister and I took the early morning ferry over to this remote island. Little did we know just how big she really is. Well we set out on foot and needless to say only covered at most a quarter of the island. The southern most part of the island from the sound to the ocean was absolutely beautiful. We got to see wild mustangs, hundred year old live oaks, old houses and the Dungeness Ruins. It definitely was a beautiful December day and we were blessed to capture what we did =) I hope you enjoy my shots!
Revolutionary War Hero General Nathanael Greene purchased land on Cumberland Island in 1783.Following his death, his widow Catherine Greene, constructed a four-story tabby home that she named Dungeness.Thomas Carnegie and his wife Lucy began building another Dungeness on the original foundation in 1884.The Carnegie’s Dungeness burned in 1959 and today only the ruins remain on the site.Oh how I wanted to go inside!So  much history.Wild Mustangs!