Let me tell ya a little bit about these exceptional young ladies. They are the sweetest! No matter what they can always make you smile. They love God with all of their heart! Ask anyone and they will tell ya...these girls are awesome! Kayla is my photogenic sidekick! She loves to snap that shot. Haley is the model! Her beautiful eyes can catch anyones attention! <3

The album name comes form me trying to yell their names and mixing them up! I do it when I talk to them and even when I talk about them...they love me no less =)
the next few pics are by Kayla's 4 Eyes :)she has a good eyeso i'm plugging hersince she is 16love this!the end of Kayla's 4 EyesThe new underwater camera is awesome! Kayla is a turtle!hayweeee!so pretty :)point n shoot!i love this sequence =)