A Tale of Two Rings

September 09, 2014  •  1 Comment


So everyone wants to know what the "Tale of Two Rings" is all about. Here it is for the impatient ones...

Our story begins... Ben asked me one day what kind of ring I would want as an engagement ring. Not gonna lie I was a little shocked. I'm not big on traditional things... I like to stand out so to speak, to be unique... that's how I have always been. I sent him countless websites and photos... I gave him the most extravagant to the daintiest rings I could find... I think I gave him more floral designs than anything but all were things I had dreamed of or just really liked. He chose to design a ring with Greg Lynn of Greg Lynn Jewelers. Probably because I gave him too many things to look at :) He took everything I mentioned or liked and came up with the ring that you see in my photo. It's just awesome!! He really knows me well. I love flowers, the color blue like his eyes, rose gold... oh and flowers!

During the fabrication of the ring things were kind of put on hold.... That is where the vintage emerald ring came into play. It's a gift passed down from Ben's mother, Nancy, to him for me. Her parents gave it to her so this just makes it even more special. Those of you who know me reallllly well know I love jewelry that is passed down. Ben proposed to me on August 31, 2014 at the helm of a little houseboat with this ring. I loved it. Shortly after that he told me about the ring he was designing and that it was on hold for a wee bit. I was kind of shocked... shocked at the engagement (because I wasn't expecting it on the trip) and that there was another ring. ANOTHER RING! WHAT?!

He explained to me what the ring would look like and even drew me a picture. I love his pictures :) Last Thursday we went to the jewelers and I got to pick out the sapphire that I liked. It of course is an imperfect stone, why? because I like different. It has amazing color zoning (that is what makes it imperfect) and it just pops! I didn't get to see the ring until it was completed. Then Friday came... I'm laying on the gym floor warming up for my WOD and he walks in with a big smile on his face waving a  white bag from the Jewelers. I don't know how I finished working out really... I was completely amazed. It's truly beautiful and he truly knows me so well. He wanted me to have something that I would smile at and be happy with for the rest of my life... I'm beyond happy <3

Now for those of you who won't stop asking the other question... when? Just hold your horses. We are thinking spring. That is all you get. So stay tuned for many more chapters to come and thank you for waiting so patiently to read the start of our story <3

christmas card photos

September 04, 2013  •  2 Comments

yep... you read that right. christmas. the time for sharing. the time for giving. the time for laughter and cheer. the time for spending way too much money on material things. the time we all remember our saviors birth :) what happens before all of that? christmas cards. addresses, writing, signing, stressing, photos, stamps... not to mention who is going to lick the envelopes? yuck! not me :) why not have a family portrait session done? make a collage on your favorite site, print and voila! :) christmas cards complete! and photos make great gifts too!

if you are interested in a family portrait session contact me via email or at the box. all EOB members will see a portion of their fee given back to the box for the operation expand EOB fund!

each session is $99 and will last approximately 1 hour. it also includes a cd of your images, 1 hour to laugh, smile, love, hug and have fun at a local location of your choice.

LOOK out EOB! i'll be on the hunt for this years christmas card! you never know ;)


i never blog :)

September 03, 2013  •  3 Comments

dont ask me why. i write in books. i guess i havent taken to typing it all out. but i promise i will try. im still after all these years learning how to fully use my website. so i think you can officially purchase photos now :) i guess this d.a. forgot to "enable" you to give me your money for my awesome shots. ok that was the devil talking not me ;) 


hope everyone enjoyed the last weekend of summer. i know i did :) i'll have even better photos coming your way.... new camera boys & girls!! yay! my camera is 6 years old. she isn't shooting so straight these days. but it didnt stop me. i honestly have no clue how many photos i have shot. i know i've been at it since april 2008... love!!


stay tuned for more blogging (ha!) and LOTS of photos coming. i'm still catching up :) check out colorado!

The EOB!

September 25, 2012  •  2 Comments

5 months ago I never imagined myself as a CrossFit'r. I walked into East Ormond Beach CrossFit thinking, "Oh crap! I can't do this. I can barely lift a box over my head however will I get that barbell up? Every week, twice a week for a month I came in more scared than anything. Not knowing what the WOD is. Would I be able to breathe? What if I have to quit? Now 3 to 4 times a week I walk through that door thinking, "I got this!" I have an addiction to CrossFit, to being happy, to being fit and most of all healthy. EOB has fast become a second home. A place to release the frustrations of the day, make amazing friends, set personal records, sweat, laugh and even cry. I have only missed 1 day and I even went to the box and watched everyone workout. Injuries happen and are fixed, pull ups are unbroken, walls are smashed... I LOVE THIS BOX!

So... yeah, up there where I said, " I can't do this." I was lying to myself. I say lil prayers like, "God, help me lift this over my head. And save my back." LOL!!! Monday, I set 2 personal records (referred to as PR's from here on out!). First, I push jerked 95#'s (over my head 2 times). See I can lift more than a box or a 30 pound kid :) (my Olivia's). This isn't my first PR nor would it be my last especially for the day. My biggest accomplishment yet aside from the AWESOME friends I have made... I completed an RX WOD! Ok, ok. I know you're asking, "What's that?" "It's called CrossFit. Look it the heck up!" (That! was for Heather! LMBO) It is a prescribed workout that hasn't been scaled or modified. I'm super stoked. It's a boost in self esteem and I feel great after I'm done. Even if I can't breathe. 


So take a minute and check out my EOB album. You'll see some pretty amazing people! Here are a few!















Thank God for MK and EOB!! Have an AWESOME day! I will :)













daytona beach boardwalk

June 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

its alive again! its nice to see that our economy is surviving in daytona beach. the boardwalk on a saturday night is packed! there is a lot to see and do and EAT! you should check it out sometime.


here are some shots from saturday night festivities.



tilt - a- whirl (i'll pass) =)










                                                       the ferris wheel was fun to watch  

                                                  (sounded like it would roll into the ocean)




<<< the view from the bandshell isn't too bad! 









                                                      it still amazes me that this is still alive

                                                     and kickin' it after all of the years ;)


and the fireworks are off the new pier. every saturday at 945 =)






 from the pier. lit up!

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