On the first day God created the heavens and the earth. He spoke "Let there be light." (Genesis 1:3) He separated light from darkness. Light being day and darkness being night. In doing so He gave us the ability to create beautiful photographs using “light” and “dark.”

On the second day God created Heaven. Were the sunlight shines bright or the stars twinkle all night.

On the third day God created dry land calling it Earth and waters that were gathered together He called Seas. God said, "Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed..." (Genesis 1:11) LANDSCAPES!! FLOWERS and TREES!! Oh my!

On the fourth day God created the sun, the moon and the stars. Day. Night. Wishes.

On the fifth day God created all creatures. All creatures of land, of sea and of air. Lions, tigers and bears… fish and birds and more!

On the sixth and final day of creation God created man "in his own image." This is what each and every photographer does with each shot. You create your own image. You too are a creator.

On the seventh day He rested. Thank you God. (this is what I do after uploading photos)

Here are snapshots, bits of creation of who I was and who I became…

Growing up I used to be "in front" of the camera. I was the mother was the "creator." She is the type of person to sit back, take it all in and capture every moment. Usually unnoticed :) She has photographed me everywhere doing everything. All the memories of my life have been captured on film (digitally now) and are tucked away in her home. Many are on display... the woman LOVES picture frames :) During my high school days my best friend (Kristen) and I would "model" different outfits, poses and scenes. We were hot stuff. We never knew what we would look like until those photos were developed. Oh the age of film. Such surprise!!

My freshman year of High School I took a class called Currituck / North Carolina History. In that class I joined the Tarheel North Carolina Junior Historians Association. This was to learn and study local and state history. I loved it! So did my mother. An announcement was made during one of our meetings that there was a photo contest being held for all members state wide. There were various categories to photograph. I was excited... and again so was my mother. Well one Saturday or maybe Sunday (its a little hazy) we awoke to snow. Snow in eastern North Carolina is rare, especially in Currituck County. So we set off to find 80+ year old houses, outhouses and barns. My mother's love for photography and anything and everything old made the gears spin. We discovered some pretty awesome sites that day. Places in the county that just go unnoticed in the everyday shuffle. We photographed old houses, barns, boathouses, and outhouses. Mom stayed up late to matte the photos for me... I had no clue and after learning how to last year it is NOT easy. So I submitted one for each category. A few weeks later my teacher, Mrs. Snowden, read a letter from the Junior Historians Association. I had placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 3 different categories!! WOW! What excitement and accomplishment. Thanks to my mom for helping me!! For the next year my photographs were displayed in the North Carolina Museum of History. But to make it more special they would be in the new Tarheel North Carolina Junior Historians Association wing :) I even got to be apart of the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Towards the end of high school and years after I tried going back "in front" of the lens. I wanted to hit it big with Roxy or Reef. I wanted to be anything surf, skate or snow! Mickey "2M" McCarthy (OBX, NC) took some family portraits while I was in North Carolina visiting my mom. Afterwards I decided to "model" again. He sent some photos to his friends at Eastern Surf Magazine. They ended up publishing one of Mickey's photos in the magazine in a feature about him. EXCITING!!! Then I got a call... it was MY TURN! My turn to do the photo shoot with the photographers of the magazine. I was so nervous but super excited at the same time. So I drove from New Smyrna Beach to Melbourne. I did a sunrise shoot and a sunset shoot. I was featured as the Sticky Bumps ESM Girl of the Month in August 2001. Proud day!

Those days ended... God didn't have "model" in His plan for me. But that's ok I would soon go "behind" the camera. My mom bought me my first digital camera sometime around 2003 (I think). Kodak Easy Share! Oh yeah! LOL! I ran that camera into the ground and I still have it today. In fact if it had a battery it would probably still work. In 2008 mom bought me my first Canon! I haven't put it down or stopped using it. It is my BFF :)

It wasn't really until a few years back that I realized just how awesome God's creations really are. I realized just how awesome photography is too and that you can do so much with it. I loved the "world" around me. I snapped anything and everything. I grew more and more passionate about photography. I would sit on the computer and look at photographer websites. Searching for ideas and inspiration. Wishing I had this camera and that camera, photoshop and the know how. I decided to start the photography program at Daytona State College. My first semester was Fundamentals of Photography and Photography and the Digital Image. I LOVED IT! My most favorite part was to take the old 35mm film camera out for a spin (after much frustration I don't remember having when I was younger) and shooting a roll in like 10 minutes. The next day I would get to the darkroom, process and UGH! What happened to my photos?! Some would turn out and others were just a blur. I would shoot more and process more :) Those 2 classes taught me a lot! More than I ever knew. But most of my knowledge is self taught with hands on learning and experimenting with different things. I didn't finish at Daytona State. Life threw me a curve ball... it happens. God had other plans for me.

I don't like to photograph with the intention of editing. I like to leave His creations just as they are seen with the true eye. Yes, some photographs and people need some "fixing" up. Here you won't see too much of that though. The way I see life through the view finder is how you will see it here (90% of the time). My Instagram album is full of photographs with filters. That is a love like no other :)

God's image of man and all things of heaven and earth are more than I can ever grasp in this lifetime. He created us with such beauty and care. With each image I capture, whether it be of a person, a place, or a thing, I write (or photograph) yet another chapter in the book of Life created by God himself. Creation at work! I am very blessed for this life and I owe it all to our Creator, Our Lord, My God!

I hope you enjoy the images I have captured of God's creation. Life is beautiful, don't take it for granted.
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Thanks Mama! <3 u

xoxo Elizabeth (lemon)